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Can Corbyn’s Labour Party win the next general election?

Challenging myths, setting out an alternative narrative suggesting a Corbyn win is very much possible.

Source: Can Corbyn’s Labour Party win the next general election?


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The Second Cup, Poetry by Michael Westcombe

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Genre: #Family, #Kids, #Life, #Love & #Relationships.


 How sweet this brew, unsugared, blended tea,
Infused with my love for you, and yours for me!
So blessed, from rich estates, and Darjeeling,
Expressing so much of us, our mutual feeling.

And as the pungent liquor slowly pours,
I reflect on this love of mine, and of yours.
Our children, like the issue from the spout
Are sometimes here, but much more often, out.

So much survived, and much more shared
Leaves both of us with nerve ends bared;
And this, the gentle ritual of brewing tea,
Provides for me, an essential sheltering lea:

Because your welcome presence lifts me up,
I always pour for you, the second cup!



    * * * * *

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Labour Appeal – Reasons to be hopeful

As Corbyn’s winning-streak comes to an end, there are still many positives to take out of the campaign. First, the five claimants suing the Labour Party have achieved something many never tho…

Source: Labour Appeal – Reasons to be hopeful

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An excellent Forster site …

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